About Us

The Future Blade Company is a passion project by two Australian rollerbladers.

We produce limited, high quality rollerblading apparel and goods.

All company profits go directly to supporting the team, growing the company (e.g. through new product lines and equipment) or the industry (e.g. competitions, events, prize money). 

Not just another t-shirt company.

We aim to support our team as much as we can. As well as providing our team with fresh gear we also provide them with financial support. We are proud to offer our team 100% of the profits from items sold from our Royale-Tee lines.

All apparel is sustainably sourced and sweat-shop free. 

In a dystopian future where the population is controlled by corporations and all individualism is demolished, we will still have rollerblading. 

Thanks for your support. 

Adam & Matt